SESSION 5: Encephalon

July 29 - August 15, 2021

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Artists in Residence: Tommy Gregory, Sabine Marcelis

Craftspersons in Residence: Patricia Davidson, Robert Lewis, Michael Hernandez


💡 2.0

Glassblowing, Lighting, Design, Professional Development

Lighting design and iteration! A session jammed to the brim with an assault on the lighting industry from two professionals in the trade. Students will explore the business of the lighting world and the deconstruction of process and form. We will have lectures on industrial processes, the design world, 3D printing components, and the balance of professional and personal practices. Students will work through mold blowing and repetitive form building. Wiring and UL, CSA, and European codes and certifications will also be covered. Got ideas? Let’s have at ‘em!





Jay Macdonell balances personal explorations with working for various artists, designers, and architects as a project manager, design consultant, and gaffer. He is the material explorations manager for Bocci, a process-based design and architecture firm based in Vancouver and Berlin. Japanese-born glass artist Michiko Sakano started a fabrication studio in Brooklyn where she and her team create artist editions, original art works, and limited edition design pieces. Her clients include Lindsey Adelman Studio, Rolland Hill, Jorge Pardo, and others.



Glassblowing, Coldworking, Assembly

While glass is extremely versatile, it is easy to feel limited by the processes and techniques we choose to utilize. Students will be introduced to an integrative approach that removes barriers between processes and empowers them to move fluidly between studios and techniques, letting ideas be the driving force. In addition to the Hot Shop, Cold Shop, and kilnworking, we will cover the uses of adhesives for cold assembly and discuss important considerations when combining glass with other materials. Our goal is freedom during the design process and confidence in our ability to explore novel concepts!




Granite Calimpong received his BFA from University of California San Diego, and recently completed an MFA in 3D4M (Sculpture) from University of Washington, Seattle. He has worked as an artist assistant, fabricator, and maintained his own studio in Seattle for the past twelve years, and is a long-term resident at Pottery Northwest, Seattle. Recent exhibitions include a two-person show at the Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University titled, Seeing is Deceiving, and a group show in conjunction with the annual NCECA conference, Richmond.




Coldworking, Mark Making, Lamination, Mirroring

For those discontented with the recognizable and easily identifiable, this non-traditional coldworking class will challenge much of what we know about glass. Students will learn coldworking fundamentals, as well as engage in experimental mark making, lamination, and mirroring techniques. Students will leave this class knowing how to manipulate the formal qualities of glass, and how to obtain the visual weight of absence formed by negative and positive space. By manipulating glass’ inherent properties in an unorthodox way, participants will be left wondering: what is actual depth vs. what is perceived depth?




Kiesha Bolton is a glass artist based in Ohio. She received her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), Ohio, in photography. While at CCAD she began to translate two-dimensional language into a tactile experience through glass. She then went on to graduate with her MFA degree in three-dimensional studies with a concentration in glass from Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Bolton has received scholarships from Pittsburgh Glass Center, The Corning Museum of Glass, and Pilchuck Glass School.



Flameworking, Sculpture, Fluid Dynamics, Design, Functional Art

The function of a piece can take on a beauty of its own; it’s not only about the ergonomics, it’s also about the way smoke moves through the water, how water moves through the piece, and how all these aesthetics work together. In this course, students will explore the possibilities of fluid dynamics in glass. Advanced flameworking techniques will be utilized to create pathways to designs that push the idea of functional art. From sketching to technical drawing to hands-on practice, ideas will be expressed in the functionality of borosilicate recyclers.




Daniel Coyle, also known as Coyle, is an independent artist and his stylistic and distinctive monkeys, bears, and bananas are easily recognizable. He started blowing glass in 2003. After spending five years working as a professional glassblower for a chemical company, he quit his job in order to pursue his artistic vision in glass pipes. Coyle currently resides in western Massachusetts.



Hot-Glass Working, Process, Collaboration, Sculpture, Performance, Experimentation, 

How do we create work that exceeds our own limitations? Using community and collaboration, we will create a synchronous super mind to access our collective skills and experience to create what we cannot achieve alone. Students will employ traditional and experimental glass and sculpture techniques in the Hot Shop and other studios as well as small and large groups to develop projects at both intimate and architectural scales that mingle glass, sculpture, and performance.





Anna Mlasowsky and C. Matthew Szösz are practicing artists and educators known primarily for their innovative use of glass to explore the relationship between the physical, the intellectual, and the emotional. Within their practices they pursue disparate interests in personal identity, the influence of the built environment, performance, material exploration, and natural phenomena. Both have won numerous awards, residencies and grants, and have participated in programs across four continents.