Why Spend Time at Pilchuck?

Because it’s about the artists—artists as instructors, students and staff. Artists in residence and visiting artists from the vibrant Pacific Northwest glass network. Artists teaching artists. 

Because it’s about experimentation—pushing yourself, your work, your conceptions of what’s possible in a dynamic educational space and safe learning environment. An immersive experience leading to personal innovation. 

Because it’s about community—building bridges, creating future partnerships, sharing experiences, new ideas, methods, materials and techniques. Pilchuck carries within it a sense of the history and connectivity of the glass movement and proves to be pivotal to the advancement of glass art.

Because it’s about exposure—artists sharing diverse ways of thinking and making, allowing each other to take risks in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Because it’s about access—artists have access to a comprehensive range of glass facilities and equipment, including the Print Shop, BotLab, Woods & Metal Studio and  our Library, which holds video documentation of demonstrations dating from the 70’s to the most recent summer. 

Because it’s about collaboration—thematic sessions, outside workspaces and an open environment means that collaboration between courses and disciplines is a constant, creating conduits for students and instructors to realize new ways of making. Exploring form and meaning through collaboration is the cornerstone of our educational foundation.

Why come to Pilchuck? Because Pilchuck creates an opportunity for exponential growth. Yours.