The Craft School Experience

Published Monday, November 10, 2014

Jim Baker, our fearless leader, joined the directors of four other US craft schools at SOFA CHICAGO this past weekend for a panel discussion on The Craft School Experience! Read more about it here:

The Craft School Experience campaign was launched at SOFA CHICAGO last night! An exhibit booth is being staffed by directors from Arrowmont, Penlandschool, Pilchuck, HaystackSchool and PetersValley. People have been stopping by to see the work, read and hear stories, and talk with directors about immersive workshop experiences. Below is a photo of the directors at the exhibit.

Tomorrow, from 11am-Noon, there is a panel lecture at SOFA CHICAGO. Check out the details at:

Read more about the initiative check out the News section for frequent updates about what's happening: and