Top Moments from Session 3 2017

Published Thursday, July 6, 2017
by Lindsey Ganahl


That's a wrap! Session 3 drew to a close last week, and we wanted to take a few moments to share a little bit of the magic from campus.

Over 50 students immersed themselves into the theme of "Visualization" this session, and with just two and a half weeks, they were focused! Demos from guest artists Raven Skyriver and Karen Willenbrink captured the attention of students all around campus, who tuned into Instagram from their respective studios to watch these legendary artists at work. Artists Jen Elek and Josie Gluck teamed up to join the ranks of this summer's "all-girl" gaffer team, and Josie captivated our Instagram audience when she took over the Pilchuck Instagram handle on #TakeoverTuesday. Chris Carlson and Eusheen teamed up for an exciting collaboration in the flat shop as part of the "Pattern" class; while dynamic Instructor duo, Mel Douglas and Nancy Callan impressed with daily demos in the hotshop.

As exciting as the work completed, and new creations visualized, were the milestones celebrated by Pilchuck community. The Pilchuck team would like to extend a special congratulations to Julia and Robin Rogers who celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary this session.

Here's a few more our favorite moments from this session as captured by the Session 3 community.




Eusheen and Carlson Collab in progress @eusheen @carlsonjones #flamework #recycler #pilchuckglassschool

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Oh yeah, and this happened, Thanks @ravenskyriver !!! #pilchuck #pilchuckglassschool

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