Help Pilchuck maintain its historic campus by adopting an acre! 

The 55-acre Pilchuck campus has played host to pioneers in the field of glass art and design, and continues to do so to this day. Aside from its importance as a place for artists to convene, Pilchuck has also been recognized with many awards for its beautiful architecture and campus design. 

After a detailed assessment of the campus in late 2019, the need for an increased maintenance budget was recommended to meet the needs of the aging campus. The Pilchuck Adopt An Acre program invites donors to make a three-year pledge to contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the grounds and structures.   



When you commit to “Adopt an Acre," you are playing an integral role in the long-term health of the Pilchuck Glass School campus. Each pledge includes a three-year  commitment of $5,000 per acre, per year (a total of 3-year commitment of $15,000 per acre). Of course, you can always adopt more than one acre if you choose!!  

You will be joining an exclusive group of supporters who recognize the need to sustain the beauty of our natural and built environment. When all 55 acres have been adopted, you will have helped to generate $275,000 dedicated to annual upkeep, general repairs, green initiatives, and the staffing to maintain the Pilchuck campus.

Every member who is actively adopting an acre will receive detailed communication from the Executive Director regarding campus projects, in addition to a standing invitation to join the Executive Director for refreshments on the deck of the Director’s Cabin every summer! 



Fill our the Adopt An Acre Pledge Form and submit to Heather Loebe at to set up your recurring payment plan.