Pilchuck Supporters

Pilchuck Glass School gratefully acknowledges individuals, foundations, organizations, and corporations whose gifts directly impact the school’s artistic and educational programs.



Mathilde Brown Swanson
William B. and Ann Burstiner
David Kaplan and Glenn Ostergaard
Benjamin Moore
Janel Neiman
Timothy D. Noonan
David Pollart
Ryan Matthew Porter
Megan Pursell
Judith Cushman-Quick and Bob Quick
Dorothy Saxe

The Legacy Society was established as a means of securing the future of Pilchuck Glass School and ensuring that upcoming generations of artists have the opportunity to benefit from the education and inspiration Pilchuck offers. By making a planned gift, you are nourishing future growth, exploration, and education of artists working in the world of glass art. Through your thoughtful generosity, your gift will allow others to explore their creativity in glass within a vibrant community of artists. If you would like to become a member of the Legacy Society, at any level, please contact Lauren Mercurio, Director of Development, at 206.621.8422, ext. 27.



Chap and Eve Alvord
Elias and Karyl Alvord
John and Linda Anderson
David Austin and Cia Pierpont
Sanford M. Baklor and Arlene Kaufman
Michael and Leslie Bernstein
Marcantonio Brandolini d'Adda
Susan Brotman
Kent and Sandra Carlson
Dale and Leslie Chihuly
Michele and Martin Cohen
Anthony Cole and Zoe Schulman
Judith Cushman-Quick and Bob Quick
Kirk and Elizabeth Day
Richard Dell
Steve and Kathy Dewalt
Robin DuBrin and Douglas Howe
Lewis and Susan Edelheit
Carl and Jan Fisher
Steven and Marsha Funk
Katharyn Alvord Gerlich
Judith and John Graff
Deb and John Gross
Phillip and Michelle Gross
Sue Hauberg
Ditmar Hoerl
Sharon and Steve Huling
David A. Kaplan and Glenn A. Ostergaard
Thomas and Kendra Kasten
Leonard and Norma Klorfine
Stephen J. Kutz and Courtney Womack
Randy and Joyce Lert
Dianne and Stephen Loeb
Maria C. Mackey
Roger and Nancy MacPherson
Carol Maione and Brian Marks
Larry Marks and Gladys Monroy Marks
Peter and Stephanie Maurer
Pamela Merriman and Sonja Ross
Robert Minkoff
Barry Morse and Candice Connell-Morse
Tim Noonan and Jarick Huliganga
Christina Orr-Cahall
Todd Owens and Jami Rutherford
Fay Hauberg Page and Nathaniel Page
Michele and Kyle Peltonen
Jan and Mike Peters
Steven and Babette Pinsky
John and Joyce Price
Dana Reid
Chris Rifkin
Bonita Roche
Lawrence Sadkin
Dorothy Saxe
Bryce and Chris Seidl
Ron and Sharon Selset
Larry and Randy Sheer
Joan W. Stonecipher
Amy and Michael Stonecipher
John and Ann Underwood
William and Gail Weyerhaeuser
Amanda Whitver
Richard and Barbara Wortley



Austin Art Projects
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chihuly Studio
Suburban Propane
Westbank Corp.



Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass
Barry Friedberg and Charlotte Moss Family Foundation
Corning Incorporated Foundation
Estate of Darle and Pat Maveety
glassybaby white light fund
Jean K. Lafromboise Foundation
John and Robyn Horn Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians
The Klorfine Foundation
Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund
Washington State Arts Commission
Washington Women's Foundation
Windgate Charitable Foundation 



$1,000 - $2,499

Brenda and Alan Abramson
Richard and Lon Behr
Rebecca Benaroya
Barbara and Peter Benedek
Eric P. Bennett
Becky Bogard
Diane J. Buckley
Barrie Carter
Julia C. Chamberlain
Justin and Delaney Dechant
Amy Dedoyard
Frank Douglas
Frank E. Everett
Joseph F. Filomena
Eileen Glasser Wesley and Mark Wesley
Steve Hedrick
Robert T. Hower
Andrea Jones
Ken and Nancy Keiter
Steve and Diana Klein
Austin and Pam Kravik
Toby Levy and Rick Holman
Jon and Judith Liebman
John and Carla Nichols
Leslie Olson
Suzanne Perrault
Loryn W. and Ryan Peterson
Steve Ramsden
Cheryl and Steven Rosen
Katherine J. and Fred Seel
John and Katherine Simpson
Sue and Martin Solomon
Bernice Somberg
Paula Stokes and John Sullivan
Glenda and Joseph Stonecipher
Betty Tong and Joe Miner
Gordon and Janet Vehar
Nicole and Jeff Wortley

$500 - $999

Michele Anderson
Jeffrey and Brenda Atkin
Kraig M. and Lora M. Baker
Jeremy Bert and Jennifer Elek
Beth Blosten and Tom Linder
William B. and Ann Burstiner
Susan and Eric Clise
Curt and Sarah Cox
Ron and Susan Crowell
Linda and Terry Finn
Susan Glass and Arni Thorsteinson
Ed Guillen
Cynthia L. Hale
Dian Hartono
Kriss and Richard Hasslinger
Allison L. Kramer
Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick
Christopher MacPherson
Jordan MacPherson Read and Rob Read
Dani and Gary Montague
Frank L. Pape
Barbara Phillips
Paul and Beth Picardo
Greg and Megan Pursell
Scott Rabinowitz and Staci Snyder
Lois Schnitzer
Neil Sosin
Ronald Stern and Elisse Walter
Frank Tobe
Lauren Waldstein Mercurio and Nicholas Mercurio
Craig D. and Robin V. Williams
Jane and Robert Willis
Mark Zirpel and Tina Aufiero 

Up to $499

Donna Allen
Domini Alteri
Margery Aronson
Kim Atkinson
James Baker and Laura Dixon
Margaret H. Baker
Patricia Bako
Sybil L. Barney
Jim Batdorf
Amy D. Becke
Ben Beres
Cassandria and Jon Blackmore
Thomas Bosworth
Robin Boyer
Phelan and Fay Bright
Mathilde Brown Swanson and Richard Swanson
Frederick Burke
Carol Camiener
Christopher Lee Campbell
Michael and Ann Candido
Deborah Carroll
Clarice Chan
Stephen Chapman
Brandi Clark
Catherine Crandall
Nancy Current
Sarah Dahleen
Rosie E. Daniel
Elena Del Rio
Patrick Drum
Barbara and Dennis DuBois
Carol Ann Duskin
Emily Eason
Simon M. Eccles
Kate Elliott
Patti and Jeff Falconer
Karen S. Feldman
Abe Fleishman
Susan Frank
Barry and Melinda Franklin
Barry Friedberg
Steve Galatro
Sharlene Galper
Michael Glancy
Nicholas Gleicher
Bruce Golden and Michelle Mercer
Leslie Goldstein
Sylvia G. Gordon
Laura B. Gowen
Paul Grace
Merrie C. Grain
Katherine Gray and Eric Huebsch
Kenneth N. Greenberg
Gerrit and Muriel Henry
Eileen Herbert
Burton and Libby Hoffman
Mary Hollowell
Olivia M. Hollowell
Donna Howard
Tod F. Huey
Deborah and Jon Hunter
Caroline Hunter Davis and Wilson Abbott
Joel Ivey and Sheyrl Murdock
Elizabeth and Eric O. Jacobsen
Kenneth and Gwenda C. Jonas
Carolyn Keck
Katherine and Dan Khile
Valerie Kind
Ruth King
Jeffrey and Rebecca Knight
Nancy C. Knox
Ned and Dana Laird
Jack L. Larsen
Adele and Leonard Leight
Deborah Lenk
Marjorie Levy and Larry Lancaster
Kimberly Lewis
Morgan V. and Rachel Madison
Susan Marabito and Reed McGuire
Liz Marx
Turi McKinley
E.G. and Sonia McLellan
Paul Messink
Kitty Mollman
Erin Moore and Fritz Stahr
Benjamin P. and Debora Moore
Janel Neiman
Kristin Nelson
Kathleen and Peter Palmer
Merigold B. Paul
Paula Plymton Branson
Sally Prasch
Kayla Preston
Anne Purcell
Wendy Rall
Maureen Reilly
Stephanie Reimer
Walter M. and Patricia Riehl
Dena E. Rigby
Koryn Rolstad
Robin Rosen and Peter Marks
Leslie A. Rowe-Israelson
Yoshiko Saheki
Margaret and John Sanders
Edward T. Schmid
Julie and Jeff Schoenfeld
Diane Simpson
Jennifer and William L. Snelgrove
Henry A. Sowizral and Renee Fondacaro
Teresa Soza
Brett and Tracy Spooner
Alexandra M. Stanyon and Scott Anderson
Ethan Stern and Amanda McDonald Stern
Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend and Richard Amend
Sharad and Anita Sundaresan
April Surgent and Zak Hinderyckx
Christopher R. Taylor
Anne E. Taylor
John Thomas
Janet Thompson
Paul and Jean Thompson
Tricia Tiano and Kent Mettler
Sarah Traver
William Traver
Camille Utterback
Jill Veldman and Gordon Luft
Candy L. Vineyard
Fred and Edith Waldstein
Jenny Wang
Tara Warnock
Patricia Watkinson
Myra and Harold Weiss
Richard J. and Lynn Weiss
Jeannette and Brent Whiteman
Hugh and Cyrielle Willa
David Willis
Charles and Ann Wimpfheimer
Charles Zachau
Mark H. and Karen L. Zorensky

Pilchuck Glass School acknowledges all donors by name for the cumulative amount given between January 1— December 31, 2018. If you have questions or concerns about the recognition listings, please contact us at info@pilchuck.org.

If you have questions or would like more information on giving a gift to Pilchuck, contact:
Lauren Mercurio, lmercurio@pilchuck.org